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VIP Buyer Program

Our Goal is “Client for Life”


Love it or Leave it - If you need to sell your home for ANY reason in the first 12 months and take a 0 commission 

Guaranteed Home Owners Warranty

Home Finder Program - If you can’t find a home in the MLS we have sources to help you find a home. We mail to neighborhoods, our stall calls the areas you are looking for, and we even knock on doors!

Contractor Certified Program - Our licensed general contractor ensures repairs are made correctly by the seller. And we come back after 11 months and check before your home warranty ends at NO COST TO YOU! Protect your most valuable asset!

Vendor Assist Program - This program ensures you get discounts on services for your home, but more importantly ensures that only Highly Certified Professionals come to your home.

Cancellation Certificate - 100% Satisfaction is our goal. When you sign up for our program we give you our word in writing if you are not happy you can move on! 

Free HOMEFAX Report

✅ Free Concierge Setup - For Utilities Transfer

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS From our Preferred Partners

-Local Restaurant Discounts

-Family Portraits

-Wedding Photography

-Discounts on Automotive Repair


*Subject to certain terms and restrictions