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Planning a visit to Portland Maine anytime soon?

We have compiled a list of tips to help make your visit to fine city of Portland a great one. Portland is often called the "small city with big city appeal” and the city confidently lives up to that. There is a lot to do aside from shopping, eating lobster, and looking at lighthouses. A lot to do and see in the sense that, you will see it’s treasures that lie beneath the surface, the reason why people keep coming for a visit. Once you are here, you'll have to agree that there is something transcendent about Portland Maine!

You will absolutely have an authentic metaphysical experience in Portland. Here are 5 of some of the best things to do and see in the coastal city of Portland, Maine.

1.     Portland Museum of Art

The museum is located just in the center of Located at downtown arts district in Portland, Maine, and this Museum of Art features ranges of art and objects that dates back as far as the 18th century.  The museum is very popular for displaying the work of the natives in Maine; this gives the people the opportunity of showing their rich artistic skills and of the state as a whole. Winslow Homer, Louise Nevelson, Rockwell Kent, Marsden Hartley, and Andrew Wyeth are some of the artist that are featured in this museum. 



2.     Allagash Brewery

This is the best Belgian-inspired beers in the whole world, and the goal is hand crafting. Allagash Brewery continually retain its crown as one of the best and the most famous breweries in Maine. When you take a tour at this brewery, you will be taken straight from the beginning stages to the bottling room. This give you the opportunity to see how their product has been made and also see how the people of Allagash work together.


3.     Maine Brew Bus

We really hope you love beer because Portland Maine currently has a total 17 microbreweries and a population of roughly 67,000 people. You do math… that means there’s 25.5 breweries per 100,000 people. This claims the title of highest per capita all across the US. Luckily there’s a bus that’ll scoot you around from brewery to brewery while offering special packages and even authentic hand pies! This is our favorite activity when we head up to Portland!


4.     Eastern Promenade

The Eastern Promenade is rated as one of the top thing to do on TripAdvisor, and it is a historic 68.2-acre public park and recreation area that offers great views of the harbor’s activities and a variety trails for running, biking, or walking. So, if you are the type that prefers to sit on a bench and enjoy the peaceful surroundings, or like trailing then the Eastern Promenade gives you a breath of fresh air away from the city. 



5.     Old Port

One of the oldest districts of Portland, Maine; it is known for its olden century brick buildings, cobblestone streets, and fishing piers. Even with all the history, this are also has a lot to offer ranging from shopping to entertainment with a selection of restaurants, galleries, boutiques, and bars. 



OK, do you really need any more reasons to be here now?