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So you need to sell your house, but you’re wondering if open houses are actually worth it. My team loves open houses, and today I’ll tell you about our strategies that make them effective home selling tools.

A lot of times, we hear that open houses are a waste of a seller’s time—you’ll only get looky-loos from down the street.

This isn’t actually always the case, and there are two reasons why this misconception about open houses persists:

1. Your agent is lazy and just doesn’t want to take the time to put together a plan to have an effective open house.

2. The marketing plan put in place to launch that open house wasn’t done properly.

At the Frappier Group, we love open houses. They’ve been a huge resource for us to get homes sold. How we do that is very strategic, and I’ll unpack our process for you today so that if you are looking for an agent, you’ll know what to look for and expect when selling your house.

First, make sure that your agent spends the week prior to the event preparing for the open house and putting together the marketing plan. That includes a balance of offline marketing and online marketing.

Our team likes to go around the entire neighborhood to tell everybody that we’re having an open house, handing out fancy fliers that look more like wedding invitations. This captures their attention, since they’re probably used to getting junk mail that all looks the same.

The more people who show up at your event, the better your odds are of receiving an offer either at or over your asking price.

We also do online marketing at least a week in advance to get maximum exposure. Zillow is an easy route for most agents to take, but the other step is to capitalize on “Coming Soon” listings. We can make an announcement that your home will be coming onto the market soon and post it to popular sites like Zillow, Facebook, Instagram, and 1,001 other media outlets.

There are so many different avenues that agents can take, and this will ultimately get you the best results—the more exposure you get, the bigger your open house will be, and the more people who show up at your event, the better your odds are of receiving an offer either at or over your asking price. All it takes is one serious buyer to get your home sold, but if they’re surrounded by other interested buyers, they’ll be more likely to make their offer competitive.

In the end, when it comes to open houses, I highly recommend that you work with an agent who is skilled at marketing and launching these events, allowing you to sell your house for more money and in a much quicker time frame.

If you have any questions about preparing your listing for an open house or anything else related to real estate, feel free to reach out to my team. We’ll be glad to help.